indian restaurant table setting

Indian Restaurant Table Setting

Enjoy a unique dining experience at Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant Orlando with delicious food from our menu of authentic Indian dishes.

Our Indian menu includes breads and beverages, soups and appetizers, rice and house specialties, tandoor and vegetarian specialties, plus a page of sides and desserts.

A special menu for children is available at the restaurant with Indian or American choices at a modest price.

The following descriptions provide an overview of the sections of the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant Orlando menu. Follow links for details including a variety of Indian food choices, pricing for each, and gorgeous photos of what to expect.

chicken jalfrezi indian entreenaan leavened butter breadseekh kabob grilled beef entreevegetable samosa stuffed patties

Indian Breads and Beverages Menu

The Indian menu of breads and beverages includes a variety of authentic Indian naan breads, plus juices and soft drinks. View the breads and beverages menu page.

Indian Soups and Appetizers Menu

The Indian menu of soups and appetizers lists a variety of traditional Indian flavors for a tantalizing start to your meal.

Indian Rice and House Specialties Menu

The Indian menu of rice and house specialties are made with the finest ingredients including chicken, lamb, shrimp, and fish.

Indian Tandoor and Vegetarian Specialties Menu

The Indian menu of tandoor and vegetarian specialties includes more than a dozen authentic Indian dishes to satisfy your appetite.

Indian Side Dishes and Desserts Menu

The Indian menu of sides and desserts adds zest to your main meal, and then enjoy a variety of ice creams, puddings, and desserts.

Note: All dinners served with Basmati Rice, Mint Chutney, and Kachumber Salad.